The Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a remarkable, one-person effort to educate the World. Salman Khan has produced over 900 videos on YouTube with 6 million views-covering everything from basic arithmetic to calculus, chemistry, and physics. Continuing to produce several hundred videos a year, Salman intends to provide instruction in all subjects to anyone, anywhere.

Millions of students around the world lack access to high quality instruction, especially in the sciences and math. The Khan Academy provides it for free in a way that can be accessed on-demand at a student’s own pace.

The videos are directly teaching tens of thousands of students on every continent on a daily basis. Other non-profit groups have even begun distributing off-line versions of the library to rural and under served areas in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.”
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Can you believe that? I stumbled upon an absolute goldmine of a site this time, didn’t I? There are more than 1,000 videos which are remarkably easy to follow and which touch on anything from physics to the US credit crunch. Truly amazing.

Now you don’t have to watch your grades slip off a cliff because of a bad class/teacher. Here’s one testimonial from the site:

“This is my first year in college and until today i was completely lost in math. Half an hour with your presentations taught me more than three months of sitting in my professors class. You seriously saved my grade.”

Why don’t you check it out?

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