Rich Dad, Poor Dad Part 2

We have looked at an introduction to Robert Kiyosaki’s ideas on welath in Rich Dad, Poor Dad part 1. Today, we’re going to look at the cashflow quadrant where Mr Kiyosaki talks about four different ways on how you can get rich.

Watch the video:

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  1. so whats your thought on network marketing?

  2. i believe network marketing is a way to learn how to be an enterprenuer and all that you need to earn money and make it work for you (moving from the b quardrant to the e quadrant). i know that its cheap to start and all you need is an open mind and guts. but without a system of how your going to do it, then your just lost and back in the rat race 🙂
    i know this coz i do it 🙂 and the cash is crazy!

    • True, true. I agree with all that. It is also a clever approach to marketing, if you have the right products.

      The thing I do not like about MLM is that too many people go into it thinking its a way to ‘get rich quick’. It clearly is not.

  3. sorry that was supposed to be I quadrant 🙂

  4. Network marketing is a great concept. It is only that we have seen people abusing it that it becomes synonyms as pressure-sales tactics, pyramid schemes and ponzi.

    • I agree totally – on more than one occasion I’ve seen people walk out as soon as network marketing is mentioned. But is it just coincidence, bad luck, or does it say something about network marketing in general?

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