Pesatupu Vs Peoplestring

Peoplestring isn’t your average social network. Yes, it is a social network site much like Facebook, but with a surprising twist: you earn money for just using the website.. Interestingly, the makers of peoplestring pledge to share upto 70% of the site’s earnings with its users. They will make periodic payments to members for doing things that we all do anyway: read email, invite friends, surf the net, etc etc. Cool eh?

Read more about peoplestring. I think it is pretty cool – you should try it out.

What about This one is interesting. If you visit, you will notice that it looks exactly like peoplestring. Weird? Yes, very weird and possibly criminal. I do not know why the people behind pesatupu have done this – my guess is that it is some sort of subtle ploy. Notice that people string pays its members whenever they invite their friends to use it. I am guessing that when you sign up to peoplestring from, the makers of pesatupu get paid. Of course, I could be wrong.

Whether I am wrong or not, pesatupu is a sham. Making money is good, but not like this.

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