Biashara 30 Confessions

Does anyone else like that Usher song, Confessions? Well, I love it! And, keeping with the spirit of that song, here are our Biashara 30 confessions….

Some background
Well, we accepted a total of 17 applicants into the first edition of B30. We had received a total of 117 so we, randomly, decided to slash it down by a hundred. Why? We wanted a small group in hopes of forming a close knit community and team. In hindsight, we probably should have let in more people…more on that later.

Actually, not so much later. The reason of thinking that maybe we should have let in more people is because the attrition rate was so very high. You won’t believe it, but about 10 of the 17 that we let in didn’t even sign up or respond to our invitation in any way. Makes me wonder whether they were applying just for fun. And even then, not all of the remaining seven participated fully. We did achieve one thing though: at it’s height, the B30 team felt really “connected”.

A few disappointments…
However, we are, overall, disappointed with this edition of B30. Why? Because just two of the 17 managed to make money online (that we know of). We would have liked to have 17 out of 17! Also, we are disappointed to announce that we are closing the first edition of B30 today despite the program not being fully complete. This really is hard for us to do but as things stand, it is the best thing to do. We apologise for any inconveniences caused by this action.

Okay, we’re done with the bad parts of B30. Now, the good. We are very proud of one of the participants, Ms Maria Maina who came in as a green newbie but now has an interesting freelance business as well as an ebook for sale. This is what we want and love to see and it makes us endlessly happy. We’re proud of you, Maria.

Another nice product of Biashara 30 is Kazi360 (don’t click it yet, it is not fully ready). Kazi360 is a Job Board for young professionals in Kenya. Whether you’re looking for a job, or hunting for top-notch talent, Kazi360’s simple but powerful tools are geared towards connecting Kenya’s brightest minds with the best Kenyan companies. It is a joint venture between Like Chapaa and others. While running B30, the need for such a site was very apparent and, as usual, we jumped at the opportunity. You shall be hearing more of this project, you can be sure of that.

Was this edition of B30 successful? Well, sadly, no. We did not achieve everything that we had hoped to achieve. πŸ™

What could we have done better?
We’ve thought long and hard about what we could have done better, and here are our conclusions:

  • Kenya is still an offline country, we’re afraid. We realise that we should have had more face-to-face meetings.
  • We should have gone through the material faster. Though it was a lot and sometimes we felt that the pace could hinder the learning…
  • In relation to the above, we should not have spent so much time and effort in the “getting an online job” section of the B30 program. We don’t care much for jobs and we feel we needed to have spent more time on setting up an online business.
  • We also seriously need to find more and better ways of keeping attention and focus levels of the participants up.
  • Wambere (me) should have spent more time in the program. I sadly had other pressing matters to attend to. πŸ™

What next?
So there you have it, all the gory details. So what next? First off, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Yes, you. What do you think of all this?

Anyone still willing to take part in the next Biashara 30?

Please discuss in the comments below.

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  1. Well, I shall be forever grateful for what B30 did for me. I now live a better life because of it. It may seem like an exaggeration but I mean it with every bit of me. Thank you.

    I would love to see another edition of B30. Please do it, for the others like me out there.

  2. am also gratefull to the forum and kelvin.learnt alot and am interested in the next b30,businesses associated with kelvin and the forum.havent been around coz of commitments but am committed to this to the bone.thanks for everythin kelvin

    • Hi Ray. Long time, eh? We’re plannign to get the next B30 stared from where we left off: setting up an online business.

      This is the more important part of B30 and it should come first. Also, starting at that end means that all you from B30 season 1 will start season 2 from where we left off.

      As usual, we’re open for suggestions, partnerships, anything πŸ™‚

  3. Kelvin i did learn a tone of info,But been engagements though that should be an excuse,hoping to join the like of Maria.

    • H Sheri! We were very glad to have you join us and would love to work with you in the future. Also, remember that you did not collect your special prize πŸ˜‰

  4. I think in terms of numbers, 17 people were to many. What you needed was a smaller, sharper, easier to manage unit. Alternatively you could have ataken all 17 and broken them down into smaller teams that would have effectively undertaken projects. Task division and delegation is easier that. Perhaps you should conduct some interviews to ensure only serious people apply? My 5 cents

    • Thank you for the words of advice, my friend. We shall keep them in mind as we plan the next B30.

      How else do you think we can ensure that all participants are committed?

      • I think you need to have a project plan where each resource (person) has a timeline in which to complete and deliver tasks assigned.
        Serious members will show themselves clearly from the first milestones set. Work will be delivered on time (if not with a good explanation), effective communication with other team members and so and so forth…

  5. looks like finally i found what av always wanted…….looking forward to join and be a member of biashara 360.
    good work
    congrats to maria….am proud of you too

  6. This is a very good project.I believe more people are going to benefit.Increase the shortlist so that we still have a good number of the ones who are committed to proceed.
    Am looking forward,have already applied and look forward to being selected.This is going to assist people to put their ideas online.I cant wait to be part of this group.

  7. The project has a great team and expect excellent reports in 2010.Kenyans have one thing in common smart brains

  8. Hi am interested in joining B30, how do i sign in? Thank u.

  9. Hi, am planning to start a door to door or rather house to house (home delivery) vegetable selling shop, in Majengo area of Mombasa. It has a middle and low class population. Please guide me on how to go about it,say like how to read the customer’s needs, behaviours and pay modes, the dos and donts. Thanx

  10. moses mwendia says:

    hi kelvin,
    it was interesting reading your comments and analysis of B30. makes me wish you had picked me in the disappointing 15 that you picked! anyway that is water under the bridge now.
    i am eagerly waiting for B30 season 2 hoping that i will be shortlisted, i am so enthusiastic about making money online and i would so like to make much more than i am currently doing (writing essays and articles for some companies online).
    all the best and good luck

    • Thank you for taking the time out to leave a comment here. I wish you good luck in what you are trying out, and I hope to see you in B30 one day.

  11. i like what your doing i have been a forex trader for about an year now but am looking to expand my knowledge in more online business and at the same time enhance my capital when it comes to forex so keep up the good work hope to be a member of b30 season 2

  12. Hi i wish to be a member, how can i join? god work!

  13. hi,
    am a banking student. what kind of a online job can i be able to get and how

  14. hi,when is the next season of B30.
    am interested?

  15. I wish to join B30, however I study abroad and the maximum period of time I can be available in the country is only 4 months. How long is the program?

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