Make Money By Receiving Text Messages – In Kenya

I recently came across an interesting Kenyan site: Jumuika. Why is the site so interesting? They will pay you for each sms that you receive from them. Imagine that! I could read text messages all day and all night….

The idea behind it is simple to grasp – all the text messages that they send to you are advertisements. Given the popularity of text messaging in Kenya, I think it is an amazing idea and, in my view, the company should have no trouble turning this idea into a success.

So, I’ve registered with Jumuika and I’m eagerly awaiting my first text message, and chumz. I shall keep you updated, dear readers, on how I find the service to be.

One thing I really like about Jumuika is that you can send 10 free SMS messages a day from your Jumuika account. Nice, eh? It may be too late for them to be as popular for free SMS as Sasanet once was, but its something. ๐Ÿ™‚

However, their system is rather slow/buggy. I registered my account quite a while ago and I’m yet to receive my activation link/code. Hopefully they’ll iron this out soon. Jumuika feels like it can be a success.

What do you think?

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  1. I also came across this site.. its a nice simple concept..
    Personally I got my activation immediately and am currently able to send 10 free texts a day.
    I think the prob you have with activation is that they don’t support Yu and Orange for the time being.. at least thats what i was able to see on their free SMS page.
    I’ve heard several other people who are on Yu/Orange say the same thing. Hopefully soon….

  2. i think these guys are copycats…I first read in the papers about a similar site: then I joined…..ave been getting some useful ads on my mobile based on my consumer interests…what they do differently is the 10 free sms

    • Jane, what do i need to do inorder to receive these ads?, because am a member of both but have never received any..
      Actually I registered for all possible categories at smartads to maximize my earnings.. but still nothing… was hoping to do the same for jumuika but their system allows for only a few of the categories..

    • Thanks for this info, Jane. I’ll have a look at SmartAds.

      How much, on average, do you earn from them. If you don’t mind sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • On the contrary Jane, am an avid follower of Kenyan startups and I saw Jumuika surface long before Smartads.. What smartads did though was enter with a bang (media and all…) Guess its like a case of Safcom and Kencell… Kencell came first but then safcom came with a bang… at the end of the day its all business and it really doesnt matter who came first or who copied who… what matters is who took the money home.. Did you know Celtel had me2you long before safcom had M-pesa?.. Look at the stats

      • I’m of the school of thought that believes in execution more than in ideas. Super interesting ideas are not hard to think up – everyone does it. But very few people are able to take their ideas and run with them.
        For example, the idea behind Pandora Internet Radio is nothing new, yet the founders are seeing much more success than their competitors. It is because they took their idea and worked at it harder and better than everyone else.

        Not sure whether I can say that Sufferingcom worked harder and better than anyone else ๐Ÿ˜› but you get my point.

  3. Motansuru says:

    All in all the two platforms (smartads and jumuika) portray what we call innovativeness, in terms of providing solutions to advertisers and subscribers.
    On visiting both websites /platforms and registering, I realised that smartads is a concept and the programming is a brilliant idea,At first i would not believe its a Kenyan concept.As a
    programmer and website designer,the guys who created it did their homework.
    Kudos guys keep it up

    • I agree with you, friend. I find both of the sites extremely well done. I guess we’re very much used to mediocrity here in Kenya. LOL.
      How sad ๐Ÿ™
      At least it looks like it is changing.

  4. Thanks for posting this.. am now on Jumuika..!

  5. Thanx for the heads up! Am from Jumuika, n we got some more cool stuff coming…

    Thanks again all for the support.

    • Thanks for visiting Alex. You have a great service and I wish you only the best as you move forward.

      When will you support the YU and orange networks?

  6. Hi Kelvin, Thanks for the kind words..

    Concerning orange and Yu, we are currently in talks with their engnr’s, so we are hoping if all goes well then very soon we should intergrate them too.

  7. WeenMoomb says:

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