What if I want to make money right now? What do I do?

Ever since we launched Like Chapaa, I’ve got numerous people walk up to me and ask me “How do I start making money online?” or “What if I want to make money right now? What do I do?” This question has always been a bit difficult for me to answer because there are so many things one could do to make money online. However, if you asked me these questions today, I’ll be quick to answer: start a simple blog business.

What is a simple blog business? As the name suggests it is a really simple way of earning good income from a simple blog. If you can spare five to ten hours a week to work on this, I am sure you can earn at least 7,000/- per month from doing very very little work. If you can spare more time..well, the possibilities are endless. AND it costs exactly zero shillings to get started.

But please understand that this is not a get-rich-overnight scheme, it takes time and commitment. You may not make even a shilling on the first day; or the first month but if you stick with the plan (which I will explain in detail) then the shillings will come. Many shillings. Just stick with it until you make it. Sawa?

Good. Let’s get started. I didn’t call it a simple blog business for nothing. We’re going to start a blog. What is a blog? A web log, which is usually shortened as blog, is a type of website in which entries are made much as in a journal or diary and displayed in chronological order. But that’s just the technical mumbo-jumbo. A blog can be anything you want it to be. Your diary, your magazine, your newspaper, your photo album, whatever.

For the simple blog business, you’ll need to start a blog which is more text than anything else so please polish up your writing – you’re going to be writing a lot!

As we mentioned elsewhere, any online business generally must follow these principles:

1. A niche Market of People that require a product or service.
2. A Product or service That Fills Their Need
3. An outlet Where They Can Find the Product or Service (Your Website)
4. A Way of Letting That Market Know You Have The Product
5. An Offer
6. A Way to Deliver the Product
7. A Way For Your To Get Paid.

What you’re going to do is to start a very simple blog in a specific niche in which you will have already established a need for your service (your blog). You will then spend time promoting your blog using simple and free methods. If you follow everything that we shall be going through, in a while your new blog will have enough traffic for you to get a tidy sum in the bank every month.

First things first, take time to think about what kinds of topics you’d be comfortable writing about. Trust me, you want to be comfortable writing about the topic that you shall choose – you’ll spend lots of time working on your blog so you should at least be able to write frequently about that topic. If you choose a topic that you have little interest in, boredom will quickly set in and your simple blog business will fail.

Nearly every single topic can earn you money – don’t worry about that. So go ahead and think about what you can really write on. Go on, make a list. I’ll wait. A really easy way to find out if you have enough interest in a topic is to ask yourself: can I write several letters about this topic? Think this through carefully and make a list of topics that may interest you.

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