There’s Money To be Made…

Just a short post on the ongoing Biashara 30 program. We recently had the first B30 participant make $30 online by getting a writing job. Congratulations to Maria! That concludes the first (and boring) part of Biashara 30. We had been taking a look at how to get online jobs. Now, we move to the more interesting bit on how to actually start an internet business.

Getting a business started online requires some of the same business principles that need to be adopted in a traditional business for it to be successful.

1. A niche Market of People that require a product or service.
2. A Product or service That Fills Their Need
3. An outlet Where They Can Find the Product or Service (Your Website)
4. A Way of Letting That Market Know You Have The Product
5. An Offer
6. A Way to Deliver the Product
7. A Way For Your To Get Paid.

This is where Biashara30 gets interesting! We’re going to go through each of the above steps together and, if things go to plan, launch a few new businesses!

Stay tuned. If you’d like to learn more on how you can participate in Biashara 30, please click here.

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  1. I’m holding my breath.

  2. First, I can’t miss the next biashara30! I have been following the site n its awesome! Each and every article makes me want to get on my feet. Good job you are doing.

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