Any Good Banks In Kenya?

Last week one of my friends and I walked into a bunch of banks in Nairobi with the sole goal of getting an account in the name of our startup business. It was not a good experience by any means. Pretty much all of the banks had requirements that made life difficult for us, including sill high fees, a requirement for references (where are we going to get those?) and other things that didn’t sit well with us.

Anyone know a good bank for a startup business?

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  1. Have you tried the ‘member’ bank? I don’t know much about business accounts but I heard someone saying good things about it. I am not a member so I have no idea how good they really are.

  2. They probably do it with the goal to stop soliciting and unscrupulous people from getting accounts in the name of business. I believe there are better ways to handle this. There are so many people out there who have great dreams which are crushed by these hurdles they are made to jump.

  3. yeah guys you are right but it all depends with your jobo and all that you are earning to get the best banking solution

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