11 Web Apps That You Should Know About

LifeHacker has a list of very useful web applications that many people don’t know about. They say, “As with rock music, video games, and other awesome pursuits, great web applications often don’t get enough credit for what they do well..”

Here’s a list of some underhyped web-apps.

  1. The Aviary Suite – Aviary is a webapp maker that specializes in fully-featured Flash apps, and they’re seemingly engaged in a dare to see how much users can get done entirely in a browser.
  2. Fonolo – If calling a company’s customer service line and dealing with automated answering systems fills you with a certain kind of dread, you need a Fonolo account.
  3. Drop.io – Besides giving anyone 100MB of temporary file-sharing space without any sign-up required, drop.io can handle the rare faxing job, record voice memos by telephone, set up quick multimedia presentations, and more.
  4. PDF to Word – If you need to grab elements from a PDF, edit part of its text, or cut down its size, you might try converting it to a Microsoft Word file.
  5. YouMail – For those feeling like their phones are under-powered, there’s YouMail. Sign up, follow YouMail’s instructions on setting up your phone to hand over your phone’s voicemail duties to its service, and you’ll be able to listen to or download voicemails from its web site or smartphone apps.
  6. Instapaper & Read It Later – It’s a really cool article or blog post you just stumbled across, but at the moment—right this second—you don’t have time to read it. If you had a bookmarklet or browser plug-in for either the Instapaper or Read It Later service, you’d be able to quickly send that web page to your account for bookmarking.
  7. Lovely charts – The Flash-based webapp produces very clean-looking charts for all kinds of purposes.
  8. Screen Toaster – Fire up ScreenToaster’s site, load its Java-based applet, and you can record surprisingly decent quality screencasts and demonstrations, with audio voice-overs, at the push of a single button.
  9. Tinychat – Setting up a live video, audio, and screen-sharing chatroom for up to 12 people at once seems like something that might require a dozen software installations and point-by-point walkthroughs. Tinychat makes it easy.
  10. Freckle – Freckle doesn’t require you to learn a new set of rules or input methods to track how you spend your time working for clients.

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