You Are Not In High School Anymore!

I had the privilege of having an interesting conversation with someone I look up to very much. We talked about a lot of things but one thing caught my attention, she told me she always advises university students that, upon graduation, they should get jobs at small companies – where they get to work directly for the CEO and actually get to make mistakes, learn, and do something and not just share opinions (which will be discarded anyway).

It reminded me of my own time at university. University is not high school. You can do anything at university: start a business, organise a movement, live in a hole, whatever – you have the ability to choose. But most people refuse to choose. They take the easiest classes and do the absolute minimum to make sure they pass their classes. These are the people who spend a lot of their time in the library, reading their textbooks. You can do whatever you want to do, but most people do only what they think they must.

You have a job now and you have more freedom that you think you do (aren’t you reading this on ‘company’ time?) but most people do nothing with that free time other than try to be good enough to keep their jobs. What if you did something worth doing; something remarkable; something that you enjoy?

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  1. realrichi says:

    Am sooo feeling you on this topic… wen we started our animation course everyone was upbeat but once we found out most of the lectures weren’t that serious with follow ups on the work they were given most of the students choose not to do the course work anyway… why do the work n no1 will check??? it like they still had the high skul mentality yani u av to be pushed to do the work.. like u said u can choose to live in a hole or whatever its your choice

    • Wow. It’s sad, really. That you have to be pushed to learn – kila mtu ajiulize unaenda shule because you want to or because it was forced upon you?
      Once high school is over, everything you do is your choice. You make your own paths and shape your own future, one decision at a time.

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