Introducing Biashara30

In yesterday’s tongue-in-cheek post on jobs, Wambere hinted at our upcoming Biashara30 program. She said, “If you need help, you can join ‘Biashara30′ a 30 day program where we teach you everything we know about starting your own business and take you step by step until you start making money.”

Guess what? Biashara30 is finally here! Would you like to learn how to make money online? Would you like step-by-step practical guidance as you set up your internet business? That’s what we aim to do with Biashara30.

Biashara30 is a premium club meant for people interested in making money online. People who join Biashara30 will learn everything we know about making money online and, to complete the program, will be required to set up an internet business either as a group project or alone. A very important part of Biashara30 is ensuring that everyone who participates earns online before the end of the program. At every step, Wambere and I will be on hand to guide and advise the members of Biashara30.

Do you want to sign up for Biashara30?
At this time, signing up and registration is 100% free – we won’t ask you for a single cent!

However, there is a catch! There is a cap to the number of people that we will let into Biashara30. We’re thinking we’ll take only 10 people – but this figure could change if the applications to join us are interesting enough. We want to work only with smart, motivated, interesting and committed people. This is so as to ensure that the program is successful.

Also, note that almost all of the Biashara30 program will be done online.

Our aim in launching is to differentiate Like Chapaa – see, it was never meant to be just another website and, in line with our stated objectives, we also hope to teach and inspire our fellow Kenyans to get ahead in life by learning about making money online.

Still want to sign up? Go here.

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