How Does A Website Work?

Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people trying to explain this “make money online” thing and I’ve slowly come to realise that many of those people have very little knowledge of what makes a website work, knowledge that I take for granted. Having a website is vital when you are trying to make it online so I think it is important that I attempt to explain how a site works in simple English. I will strive to steer well clear of any technical jargon.

As far as the creation of a website is concerned, there are three main things that are involved.

1. Web Design

Someone, ideally a web designer, has to sit down and actually make the website – design its look, feel, and any other needed functionality. Making a basic website is a pretty simple affair but the websites of today….are pretty challenging to make.

2. Domain Name
We learnt about domain names recently. For your website to be visible to the public, you have to get a domain name. This is so that when people type in your website in their browser, e.g, they will be able to find your website.

3. Web Hosting
So you know, a website is made up of pictures and words and sometimes video and sounds. These have to be stored on a computer somewhere so that when people visit your website, they load and the visitors see all your cool stuff. The pictures, words, videos, and sounds that make up a website are stored on special computers called servers. A server that contains your website’s files and makes them available when people visit your domain name is your web host.

So, that’s why a website works. Someone designs it, you register a domain name for it, and it gets hosted somewhere so that it is available for the general public to see and use.

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