This past June (last month), was sold for a cool USD 3,000,000/-. That is around 240,000,000 Kenyan shillings. Sweet eh? Guess what he bought it for…

The seller is an individual domainer named Rick bought it in the 90s probably for a few hundred US dollars. Then he sells it from 3M. Sijui if you can get such margins anywhere but on the internet! Rick is a domain name speculator…he buys them cheap and sells them very high. (He is the same guy who sold to CNN for USD 750,000/-)

The question is, can you make money this way in Kenya? Just think about it, some day domain names will be very valuable. The good thing is that you can still get very interesting domain names in the range of domains. I wanted to buy and sell it to Coca Cola, but it seems someone beat me to it. I’ll keep on looking though (got a few I’m holding on to till they become valuable enough).

Can you (yes, you) make money this way? Why not? Learn how.

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