Beat The Global Recession With An Online Job

From the way things are going, doesn’t it look like soon enough milk will be be more expensive than beer? :p The good news is that there are plenty of undemanding ways to supplement your salary online.

From filling out short surveys to being a virtual PA or writing brief articles for online encyclopedias, you could soon be bringing in significant amounts of money every month. But how do you start? As companies scale back and cut jobs, sending people home, opportunities open up for freelancers. These organisations often turn to outside help to fill in the gaps left by employees sent home. So how do you attract clients when you have never had any?

  1. Establish yourself as credible and qualified – even if it means working for free, get some people who you can refer to as people who you’ve worked for before, doing similar things.
  2. Tell everyone you know that you are available for hire – initially, you will really need referrals.
  3. Network – networking helps build up connections with potential customers and it is vital. Some easy ways to network:
    • Join professional/local organisations – Depending on what organisation you join, you’ll gain a whole lot of things (the stuff that the organisation offers to its members) and also gain access to a number of potential clients.
    • Volunteer – Give back to the community by doing something that you love. You will not only help people but you will also broaden your network of potential clients.
  4. Never let an opportunity pass you by – always be on the look out for potential clients who haven’t yet heard of you and then tell them about you and what you can do for them.

Ready to start? Perhaps you could apply to become a freelance sales agent.

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