Scribd and Other Web Delights

Scribd is a social publishing site where millions of people share documents. It has been called a youtube (sort of) for documents. Scribd lets you upload Word, PDF, text (.txt), PowerPoint, Excel, PostScript, and LIT (.lit) files for private use or public sharing.

Why would you share your documents with the world? Well, Scribd’s CEO, Trip Adler has the answer: by sharing documents you make them social objects that a community can add onto.

I was skeptical about scribd – yeah, not a great name – but it is helping me change the game for my long children’s book. I needed a solution that was plug and play and enabled me to give readers a terrific experience for my 400+ page book on my web site, and I really wanted a way for them to easily give me feedback on the book. Whala! Scribd. For authors, legitimate ones especially, what a great way to get real market data. Kids read it the book on my site, I count the hits, get their comments, and direct them to buy the paper copy on amazon. Awesome.” – John Wolpert

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Other Web Delights:
Opera is about to “reinvent the web“. No one seems to know how, exactly, but I can’t wait to see what they have up their sleeve.
Windows 7 will launch without IE in Europe. Wow.

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  1. I scribd! There is information about pretty much everything over there.

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