Yesterday I had the good fortune to make a presentation to a potential buyer to one of the companies that we are trying to sell. The young man just oozes self confidence and, I must say, some cockiness. He was very interested in the company up for sale and we spent a good while talking at length about it. Then things went to the dogs.

This young man, being very eager to see us have him buy the company, did something that pissed me off. His self confidence grew into self importance and arrogance. I felt the change, when he started viewing me as someone he could manipulate and/or coerce. Believe it or not, he delved deep into personal questions and made some not very subtle hints that if I should “assist” him, he would assist me – his main form of assistance being the implied subtle offer of a job with his company. How sad. The man could possibly have known that I do not care about jobs in the slightest.

So what’s going to happen next? His bid was immediately disqualified and he lost the deal. Why? He failed to respect me, and the organisation that I represent.

How do you treat the people and organisations that you come in contact with? Do you treat them with the respect that they deserve?

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