How I Made $150 in Two Hours

At the moment there are an awful lot of people online who are not making money online! In fact, it is reasonable to assume that there are a significant number of people who lose money on the internet, daily – by not making enough to cover their bills (website hosting and suchlike).

Making money online may seem like a daunting task indeed. I can testify that it can be a long hard struggle especially if you have to learn everything and do not have the means to either enlist the help of friends or anyone, really. So the question is can you make money online?

Yes you can, but it is not easy. Some so called ‘gurus’ may tell you that you can become rich overnight. This is indeed possible but usually, however, it is not possible to amass riches overnight. Sometimes it can take months or even years and in extreme cases maybe never!

All that is needed is not just hard work and determination. One is required to work smart. For example, many people online try to reinvent the wheel – they want to make money in a unique original way. While this is fine, even commendable, it is not necessary when you are just starting out. As regards making money online, there is usually a basic tried and tested system. Usipuuze hii system, follow it carefully and diligently and sooner of later you will reap from your effort.

Another is honesty. I personally feel that you cannot go very far if you try to lie and cheat.

Anyway, so how exactly can you make money online?

There are many ways to make money online. Some of these are: drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, selling your own products/services, selling adverts etc. They are different ad require different approaches but, to me, the business principle in each is on: use the power of the internet to create connections.

Seth Godin puts it best: “Make money: not by building an internet company, but by using the net as a tool to create value and get paid. Use the internet as a tool, not as an end. Do it when you are part of a big organization or do it as a soloist. The dramatic leverage of the net more than overcomes the downs of the current economy.

The essence is this: connect.

Connect the disconnected to each other and you create value.

* Connect advertisers to people who want to be advertised to.
* Connect job hunters with jobs.
* Connect information seekers with information.
* Connect teams to each other.
* Connect those seeking similar.
* Connect to partners and those that can leverage your work.
* Connect people who are proximate geographically.
* Connect organizations spending money with ways to save money.
* Connect like-minded people into a movement.
* Connect people buying with people who are selling.”

Read the rest of Seth Godin’s writing here.

Some people describe it this way: find a niche market in which some need is under-served in some way and fill that need.

An Example (How I made $150 in two hours)

I used to actively run this website: (I got busy and semi-abandoned it). I worked at it for a few months and managed to collect about 300 emails of people who had voluntarily agreed to receive emails from me whenever I updated my website. The site used to earn me about 500 a month from adverts but now it averages a few shillings. This is because I don’t really update this website anymore because of my tight schedule, but I still have that list of emails. So, I sent an email to some of my list, telling them of my current web host’s nice web hosting package, and enticing them to host their sites with my webhosts. I sent this email and went to sleep. When I woke up, I found that in the space of two hours some of them had signed up to the web hosting deal and I got paid a commission for the sales I had driven to my web host.

What can you do to make money online?

  1. Get as much information as possible on this subject. Pay for it if you have to. Perhaps you’d like to bookmark this website because we teach how to many money online here
  2. Decide how (specifically) you want to make money
  3. Make a plan
  4. Follow your plan and stick to it no matter what
  5. Never quit until you get what you want

God bless you, and good luck.

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  1. Am juz starting learning to make money online stil learning am using Bidvertser.I agree honesty is the best way to go far.Kenya is stil learning slowing but telling Kenyans one can make money they look @ u like ya right and think you want to pull a first one on or u are coning gulible wazunguz.One thing have not yet learnt is driving traffic to my site.Any ideas Kelvin?

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