Help the Democratic Republic of Congo

The situation in the DRC is getting serious and a lot needs to be done, and fast.  Of course many African countries are trying to do something but while they, and the powers that be in the DRC, try to do something, people in the DRC continue to suffer.  This makes me think back to the post-election violence here in Kenya.  That period made me realise that one of the most helpful things in any crisis is information.  The availability of information helps everyone greatly, information empowers everyone.  To this end, Ushahidi has been deployed in the DRC.

Ushahidi was created and first used to collect information during the post-election violence in Kenya.  It is an ingenious use of crowdsourcing to help manage information in crisis-hit regions.
I believe it’s deployment in the DRC will be quite useful.

How can you help?
Spread the word.  Crisis information can be submitted to Ushahidi via sms or online.  Let people know of the DRC’s deployment and the mobile number to use.  Things are getting very serious in the DRC, let’s all help make a difference.

Mobile Number: +243992592111


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