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So far, we’ve had 16 editions of This Week’s Cool Sites on this blog. Since it is the start of yet another month and because I am concerned that some of the coolest sites featured here didn’t get enough exposure, I thought I’d do a nice little round up of the coolest sites featured here so far. So without much further ado, I bring to you Joe.

“Hi there. My name is Joe and I’m your average internet geek. I use the internet extensively and can confidently say that I am pretty much dependent on it. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The following are some of the coolest sites I found through Let’s Explore!

Zuula – This is probably the king of search and comes in very handy at school or whenever I’m looking for something on the internet. Basically, every query made on zuula brings up results from all the major search engines, each on their own little tabs. Very nice.

Pandora Internet Radio – the future of radio. Enough said.

Meebo – absolutely nothing beat meebo when it comes to instant messaging. You can log on to all im services in one window, as well as a host of chatrooms. A very cool way to kill time and/or talk to friends.

Flash movies Extractor – a nice tool that allows you to download youtube videos as well as anyother flash objects, including games. – I’m still checking this one out but it looks good. It lets you set up your own live cam. I’m planning on livestreaming. Hopefully I will achieve fame. sounds nice, eh?

MyCyberTwin – this is meant to be a tool that let’s you respond to instant messaging even when you’re offline. I love it for a ‘different’ reason. I like getting online to find my friend spent hours talking to a machine, thinking it was me. I especially like it when the talk gets nasty.

TrendHunter Magazine – always intersting; always quirky.

BookMooch – swap books with friends and strangers worlwide. I’ve set up an account and I’m already waiting for a book that I have been looking for for years. The book comes to me free – all I gave in exchange was some books I had got for my birthday but never read, not once (sorry, mom).”

Which sites do you like?

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  1. Pandora is great, too bad non-US residents can’t listen to it.

  2. @Erick that’s the case due to the greed of the recording industry. They demand that Pandora should pay a license fee for every single country they have a presence in, which is way beyond their means as stated in the FAQ you posted a link to. Hopefully the industry will realise it’s only to their detriment that they prevent such a great service from having a bigger presence in the world, since it actually promotes interest better than other venues. The whole idea of listening to music similar in taste to what you like enables you to come across artists you might not otherwise have known. RIAA needs serious help.

    Incidentally, this site gives you a way to listen to it outside the US.

  3. Pandora is wonderfula nd when they announced that non-US listeners could no longer listen to it, I was devastated. The music industry is very messed up.
    Thanks for the VERY helpful link, Egm.

  4. Oops, posting in a hurry, not recommended.

    RIAA is self-destructive. Now they’re even going after radio stations. Check out the comment by thecash on Digg, the world is “turned upside down”.

  5. haha I saw your earlier post and didt see anything wrong with it. The RIAA is definitely hjeating things up, something has to give; we can’t go on like this. Persoannly, I think a little change is good but things will get worse before they get better.

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