How Far are we From a Virtual World?

The recent incident over at Eve Online has got me thinking about virtual and real and when the distinction will become blured to apoint of not being recognisable. Will it ever get to that point. There was a similar story over at TechCrunch today. First, check out the awesome video:

Then, read the post at TechCrunch, which includes descriptions and a demo of very cool services and tools. Be sure to also read the comments. I particularly liked this one: I wonder if eventually you could have a virtual world in which you “virtually” explore the virtual world. Kind of a recursive virtual world! It’s kind of a crazy idea. I’m sure the philosophers would have a lot to say about this. Cool post. Thanks for bring to our attention all of these up-and-coming virtual world services.

So, what do you think of all this?

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  1. I think people should click on the start button and select shutdown and follow instructions to shut off the pc, or type shutdown -n at the bash shell prompt, or do whatever the equivalent is on a mac, then go out and enjoy the REAL world. But then again, I am not into that whole virtual world gaming thing, so I guess it is understandable my reaction…

  2. I don’t know, egm. I disagree with you. The virtual world is just an extension of the ‘real’ world. Sure, it’s good to occasionally go out and smell the flowers but isn’t it also fun stroll the streets of London, for example, from a bedroom in Nairobi?

  3. If you put it like that, in terms of exploring places you can’t reach, then I guess it’s okay. All the same, I personally don’t see myself doing it, probably because I am just not into that. I would get tired and very bored after the first few clicks! I guess that’s why I never got into the whole video game thing in the first place.

  4. Egm, some people have serious game addiction, unlike you. I think that if someone enjoys the virtual to the point of ignoring the real, then it’s a problem. Click died after a marathon game session. Crazy!

  5. Erick, I read about the South Korean chap before. I’ll check out the EQ story.

  6. egm, the video game world is beautiful :p

    Erick, thanks for the link. The one at slashdot didnt quite work but I loved the Korean chap. Sad sad thing.

    Finally, has anyone ever played ‘The Sims’ before? In one particular version, you can get your character to play a video game. (this is also possible in other games). Now what is this, a virtual world within a virtual one? Endless possibilities. Don’t you just love it?

  7. Sorry the link above didn’t work, here it is again, and the long story below.


    I was the first of my friends to start playing EQ. I got them all hooked. So 6 years later where are we. I still play, although I quit for a year, but now occaisionally game with my 13 year old (who is not allowed on without me btw). Most of the others still play occaisionally and others have left entirely, come back and left again. Of the seven friends I started playing EQ, one is still serously hooked.

    I went over to visit him the other day. I must say that I was totally grossed out. He owns his own house, but could no longer open the front door. I had to come in the back through the kitchen. There were dirty dishes piled all over and he didn’t even have a clean glass to offer me a drink. There was trash piled everywhere and a little path through the rest of his house. He had two office rolling chairs to sit in. Everything else was covered with trash. He was sleeping on the floor and there were dirty clothes strewn everywhere.

    When I went to use the bathroom, there were dozens of empty toilet paper rolls strewn around the floor. When I lifted the lid on the toilet to take a leak, there was a huge turd plugging the drain. I tried to lift the plunger next to the toilet out of it’s bucket, but it was stuck to the bucket. I was just thoroughly disgusted. I stayed for a little while longer. On my way out, I told him that he needed to unplug, go buy some trash bags and throw this crap away. He blushed and said he knew. I said yeah, but obviously he wasn’t doing anything about it and somebody needed to say something. I doubt I got through to him, but don’t know if I can go back.

    For every 6 out of 7 MMORPG players that are leading productive, healthly lives, there are those ones that have lost total control of their lives. They have forgotten about the real world and let everything go. They need serious help! I just don’t know who is going to give it to them. I don’t know if I can help or would just be wasting my time going back to him. I’ve tried to help others before and get them cleaned up and the next time you go back they’re just as bad or worse. How do you help a friend in dire need of a reality check?


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