Enter the Snail Mail

This week it’s about snail mail. I don’t know about you, but I still love good old postal mail. There’s nothing quite like waiting for something in the mail; the anxiety, the excitement. Unfortunately, in this day and age very few people take the time out to write a letter, and the only mail most of us get is bills and bank statements. Let’s try and change this.

Easypost – let’s you send printed paper mail to anyone in Canada, free (for now at least). All you have to do is enter a name and address, type your message, and your message will be printed and sent to the person via regular mail. What if you don’t know anyone in Canada? Easypost provides you a tool whereby you can simply look up any particular name and get their address. Then, you can send someone (a stranger) something nice. Maybe you’ll even get a reply. 😉

This quote from Easypost FAQ puts today’s post in the best light: “I don’t really like hand writing letters to my [parents, grandparents, in-laws, pen pals, etc] but I do find myself sending about 200 emails a day – is this the service for me?
Definitely. Those people you mentioned are WAY more likely to give you a birthday present or put you in the will this year if they get a letter from you. Hand writing is for chumps… Go EasyPost!”

Take Note
– This is really nice. You can send a handwritten note to anyone in Australia. This can be yourself, a friend, or a complete stranger. It’s just a note so the message has to be short. From site: “Got something to say to someone? A message of love, or a naughty secret…? You write the note, we’ll provide the pencil & paper, then send it for you to anywhere in Australia
I think this is really nice, and I spent almost 20 minutes sending notes to strangers. 🙂

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find such services for any other country. Have you? I suppose, though, that if you send your note/message just right, you can get a reply back. Have fun trying!

Remember BookMooch? Here, you don’t just wait for a letter but a whole book in the mail! Also, when you send over your book, you can include a nice little note.

Alternatively, you could get a penpal. This is relatively easy to do as there are many places you can go to find penpals. However, have you ever thought of getting a penpal who really really cherishes your letters? Go Meet-an-inmate. These guys/gals need someone to talk to and will probably be pretty interesting. Go for it!!

Finally, some random fun with File Swap. Upload one file and get a random file back in exchange.

What do you think of today’s sites?

Additional Resources


  1. for denizens of the usa there is shinyletter.com and mailaletter.com

  2. iwiLetter.com says:

    Hi there,

    iwiLetter.com (send real letters, write online) allows folks to send a letter to anyone in the US, even to US soldiers that are overseas! Also, we only use recycled paper and envelopes.


  3. You can try http://www.mailaletter.com. You can mail a letter online using this site. It costs 99 cents from anywhere in the world. You type or upload your letters and they will print the letter, provide the envelope & the first class stamp and mail the letter with in 24 hrs for you. Registration is free and you can keep an address book and drafts of letters all in your personal, private free account which is handy.

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