“Hello, blogTV is here! This is the place where you can show off your talent, build a fan base and share your opinions LIVE! You bring the webcam, we bring the stage. We’re here to help you get your 15 minutes of fame. ” From here.

A while ago I got an email inviting me to join BlogTv. I’m pretty happy with so I was a bit apprehensive to check it out at first. I still haven’t really used it – just gave it a short try once – but my experience was good enough to think about shaing it here.

So, what is BlogTv? It’s alivestreaming service combining live video streaming and chat in one window, which you can embed on your own blog. You can also team up two webcams at once – think cohosts, live interviews, etc etc. Moreover, you can record bits of the live ‘show’ and record them in an archive. Your users can then browse through them like they do videos at youtube, for example. Each author has his/her own channel which users can subscribe to.

From their own FAQs:

Here is what you can do with blogTV

  • Broadcast your own live shows, just plug in your webcam and Start Broadcasting
  • Record and archive your shows,press record at any time during your show and it will automatically be stored in your show page.
  • Chat with your viewers, it is the perfect way to get live feedback during your shows.
  • Co-host live shows, split a show with a friend or invite an audience member to co-host with you.
  • Share you shows,send shows to friends, post shows to blogs, send email alerts and RSS feeds.
  • Manage your shows, organize your shows once they are recorded. You can change your show title, write a description, insert a logo/picture and add tags so everyone can find you.
  • Watch live shows, discover something new.

I really haven’t used it enough to start complaining but I foound something that may be of importance: BlogTV’s embeddable player isn’t quite up to snuff compared with some of the other livestreaming players I’ve seen. While it does show you how many people are watching a program, the integrated chat is a one-way experience. You can see what others are typing, but you can’t type back or see who is in the chat room. READ more.

Finally, all the info you want on BlogTV, all on one page.

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