Want to find out what the latest trends are in electronic gadgets, pop culture, business, or anything else? See something you think will become a trend? Trendhunter – tracking and reporting trends – always interesting and bizarre.

I really like this site, as you probably know, it will definitely keep you up to date on everything, including simply weird ‘trends’ like watching cheese mature. One of the things that I like most about it is that it features a lot of content but all of it is screened and therefore your are likely to find more relevant content than you would at Digg, for example.

However, I like it best because it actively recruits trend-hunters. Yes, anyone can submit a ‘trend’ which may then be listed at trendhunter. Not only is this good for the ego, but it also sends some traffic your way. Earlier this week, I submitted this post (Predicting the Next Billionaires) to trendhunter and it was approved – and is now listed in “this week’s hottest trends”. While the incoming traffic I got from trendhunter isn’t a lot, it is welcome all the same. As trendhunter gets more popular, I expect it to be able to drive much more traffic to its trend-hunters’ sites or blogs.
I think it’s only a matter of time before trendhunter becomes widely popular as it truly is a cool site. Become a trendhunter today, don’t miss out on yet another gravy train.

The people over at trendhunter should, however, work on their servers as is currently unavailable. UPDATE: problem fixed.

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  1. Trend Hunter says:

    Hey Kayliz:

    Thanks for the plug and also for the funky trend!

    Jeremy Gutsche
    Trend Hunter Magazine

  2. kayliz says:

    Hi Jeremy. Thanks for the comment. You’re welcome.

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