Sasanet – Normal Service to Resume

As I’ve already stated a number of times on this blog, the best business strategy on the internet is to find a way to give out your product free of charge. It seems the folks over at sasanet finally appreciate this fact. Their website now bears a flashing image: Sasanet Free SMS Coming Soon Due to Public Demand.

This isn’t a surprise. A while back, did the same thing: they discontinued free sms service only to resume later. When sasanet say ‘public demand’, they mean just that. I have written just two posts that mention sasanet yet these two posts bring in about 30 visitors daily who come via google, after searching for sasanet free sms. I keep on thinking: if I get that much, how many more head over to sasanet’s site and get utterly disappointed to learn that there is no more free sms? Clearly, too many – that’s why sasanet is re-introducing free sms services.
The good news is that it seems now the sasanet hack will work again.

What can we learn from this?

  1. Your website’s visitors are your master and commander. Do not mistreat them; this is the Golden Rule.
  2. Never come to do business on the internet with a goal of ‘tricking’ users(your customers) to love you then change your whole business model in total disregard of them. I call this the jerky jock approach. Don’t do it!
  3. Giving something away for free is the most powerful business model online or, indeed, offline.

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  1. mimi tu says:

    atever happened to…no one uses it anymore

  2. Majonzi says:

    glad to know sasa net is back.
    @mimitu, was too picky on providers!

  3. when discontinud the free sms service, they lost almost all of their users

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