Mobile Survival Kit

Once you really get to like the internet and use it consistently, the worst thing that can happen probably is your internet connection going down. We all hate it, but it does happen. Maybe you were expecting an important email, or need to make a blog post or, like me, need to sign in to the game you play. What to do, what to? Well, you can drive to town and get online there or you can check out some of the following sites on your mobile device.

Mobile Survival Kit

Opera Mini – this should be the first thing you get for your internet-enables mobile device. Opera mini allows you to surf the web on mobile devices with some degree of normalcy. As far as I can tell, you can visit any site using Opera Mini. “Superb web browser for almost any mobile phone that supports Java and WAP/GPRS internet connection! And I could never have imagined that there could be a web browser that is made with Java and still runs fast on the notably slow processors of this kind of phones – but this does. Not only that, but it also shows the pages amazingly well considering that the screen is really small for webpages – even a bit complicated and large pages can be viewed relatively painlessly. I would not expect it to be even possible 😡” by Robsku.

Unfortunately, Opera Mini does not wor on all mobile devices. However, there are still other options:
mDog – this is a mobile portal for your device’s web browser. With mDog, you can do anything you would do using an Internet browser. Surf your favorite websites, search for information – even read and update blogs in real-time… from anywhere. It provides access to the Internet in a cleaner, faster-loading, easy-to-browse mobile format. mDog formats websites so that you can view them on your device. You can read your favorite blogs, check your email, and even visit sites like Craigslist and Facebook. Morever, register as a member and you can customize mobile editions of the most popular sites.

Finally, we have movamail. Movamail is an application that you download to your mobile device. It gives you pretty fast and efficient access to your email. It works with Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, POP3, and IMAP.

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  1. I love Opera Mini. I’m on it right now! I’ll definitely try mDog coz Opera Mini does have its shortcomings like inability to comment on WordPress blogs

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  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I didnt know that about Opera Min, Archer.

  4. Hey Kayliz, been skulking in the shadows and pop in for a small contribution to cool sites. For those of us who have to suffer trough windows mobile 5.0 and as a result IE, i use It does a good job of skweezing sites for easy reading and commenting. Works for almost all the sites i have visited too! **including commenting on wordpress blogs!**

  5. wow, that is a wonderful link, thanks Aegeus.
    lol, skulking in the shadows, eh?

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