Meebo, the IM King

Have you ever been to a site that you just can’t stop talking about? Meebo is one such site. It’s so cool that I am going to talk about it again. Yes, I have already covered meebo here. The idea behind meebo is simple: instant messaging(im). I think it’s the best im website on the internet. At meebo, you can log in to any im platform (msn, yahoo, google talk…) free of charge, free of any downloads, and from anywhere with a internet connection. What’s more, you can log in to all your yahoo, msn, google talk accounts at the same time! What does that mean? Take me, for example, I have aim, msn, and three yahoo accounts. I log in to all FIVE using one meebo username and password and voila! I’m chatting away with my contacts in no time.

But that’s not all. Admit it, there are times you log in to chat and find no one online. There is no one to talk to(all your contacts have lives, you know). What to do? Meebo recently introduced Meebo Rooms. Yup, now when I log into those FIVE accounts using ONE username, I also log into lots of chatrooms that I can join whenever I want to and chat away! It gets better, though. You can make your own meebo chatroom and invite people into it or even embed it on your website.

Meebo is awesome. It is useful, and fun to use. I have to say the design is pretty and very friendly. Now, does anyone wonder why meebo is always ranked top 10 as far as web 2.0 websites go?

It seems web-based im is catching on. Yahoo! recently introduced a web-based messenger service. If you so wish, you can get rid of your yahoo messenger software and do all your chatting on that website. It’s no competition to meebo but, having tried it out, it is quite nice. Though I dislike that your conversations are sent to your inbox. Is there a way to turn this off?

Do you know the easy way of finding and keeping online friends? You may want to check that out before you head over to meebo.

some jargon

aim – America Online Instant Messenger

msn – used to mean microsoft’s instant messenger

I decided to write yet again about meebo because my meebo experience keeps getting better and better. I want to share my enthusiasm.

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