“If you’re passionate about books, you know how emotionally difficult it is to throw a book away, even if you will never read it again. You want to find a good home for your books, have them find someone who appreciates them. Also, you may be interested in trying a lot of books out, and keep the ones that are great. It’s a great crime to have a book disappear, out of print, for none to read. BookMooch keeps books in circulation, and finds new readers for them.” (From Site.)

The idea behind bookmooch is real simple: give away your old books in exchange for new ones at absolutely no cost except postage. Once I read a book, I cant really re-read it so I have a ton of books that just lie about the house. Now that I have found bookmoch, I can exchange these books for others that I want to read but I can’t find or won’t buy. Students need textbooks, right? I’ll also see if I can get free textbooks. I don’t know about you, but I think bookmooch is awesome!

Judging by the reviews here, the bookmooch model seems to work perfectly: “I just signed up for this site this very morning, and already I’ve unloaded three unwanted books, and am expecting two of my wishlist items in the mail! Heaven! So this is a book swap site, and just perfect for all those books the Montclair Book Center inexplicably won’t give me store credit for.” By Stephanerd.

Don’t think book exchanges are for you? Well, there are sites that offer free books: The Assayer, Fullbooks, Project Gutenberg, and your online library: ReadPrint.

Or maybe you want to write your own book? Well, you can get help with that too. The Proppian Fairy Tale Generator does just that, it generates fairy tales for you. This is real cool, I liked my fairy tale – though it didn’t make much sense but, hey, it’s fun. Do you like your fairy tale?

Finally, what happens when a proud admissions office(MIT, no less) meets an even prouder prospective student? The result is hilarious. Check it out.

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  1. Thanks for the bookmooch link. I’ll have to check it out and see if I can exchange some of my many books for others I like.

  2. You’re welcome. Tell me how it goes.

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