Webcams For the Ugly

Surfing through Trendhunter, I came across the story of a new breed of webcams. Yep, you can now get a fake webcam. Think about it. Have you always wanted to broadcast your cam on services like Yahoo messenger or msn, but you held back because you’re not that confident about your looks? Or maybe you just don’t have a cam? Well, now you’ve got options. You just need to head over to and get yourself a fake webcam (surprise, surprise). The program lets you broadcast pre-recorded video as your webcam. Neat, huh?

Not only can you dupe that pretty girl from Australia (or Eastern Europe – doesn’t really matter) into digging ‘you’ but you can also share your favorite video clips easily with friends and family, over IM while you chat away.

Speaking of duping your new e-girl, this reminds me of my own experience with online dating: The year was 2005 and I had met this real nice girl at talkcity. We hit it off like we’d known each other for decades (though I wasn’t even two decades old, yet) and I started ‘feeling’ something for her. This was pretty strange because I normally don’t feel anything for anyone unless I’ve known her for quite a while. Since I was still a bit green behind the ears and probably a bit silly also, I found myself entertaining thoughts of having met ‘the one’. It was pretty nice, while it lasted. She is a great person.

A healthy long term relationship, a meeting in the Bahamas, love – I wish these were included in the conclusion to my story. Reality, though, is much much harsher. A few months down the road, my magnificent castle of love came tumbling down as I realised that our ‘relationship’ was based largely on lies, and more damn lies! Come to think of it, all my e-friendships so far have been mostly dishonest. Moral of the story? Meeting pals, or lovers on the net isn’t for the faint hearted – almost everyone will lie to you. The internet just makes it so very easy for a person to build up this virtual image of themselves that looks almost nothing like that person irl (irl = in real life). And Now we have fake webcams.

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  1. Majority of the cases you are right. But there are nice original people online who you can be pals with. But then about long term long distance relationships? not too sure. Its always a heartbreaker.

  2. Yes I definitely believe there are nice people out there. But they’re VERY hard to find. Long-term long distance relationships that started out on the internet can NEVER succeed. They can only succeed if you knew each other before there was some distance between you.

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