The Secret to Life, Madmen, Sex and Some things In-between

Have you ever looked at a mad person? I mean really looked, noticing the facial features, hair, clothing buttons, etc? I have done that before and, like Mama Shady, I ended up wondering what was going on in her(the madwoman’s) head. What was she thinking of? Does she care about the things you and I care about? What does she think about God? All this gets me to awe at just how intriguing life is. Some of us are mad, some of aren’t. Maybe most of us are ;-). I hate it when people say that life is short – because I can’t think of anything that’s longer. Can you? Lately, however, I’ve come to realize that this statement does have a meaning : you have to live your life to the fullest; no regrets! But what is the secret to life? Life is about love. Think about it. Once you find something and/or someone (preferably both) you love, it’s all good – smooth sailing.

This short post was adapted from this week’s Comments For Beer winners. Here’s the link love:

The Church of Jacin delivers a powerful sermon on The Law of The Universe: You cannot be free of something until you love it.

Jason from talks about how to generate free traffic to your blog by submitting your posts to news sites and social bookmarking sites.

Speaking of blogs, explores the ins and outs of blogging. (This blog has been built into a succesful blog without spending anything on marketing.)

Still on blogs, did you know that blogging as we know it is dead and gone? Nothing will ever be the same again – it’s the blog apocalypse! (Shokthx from gives us this one.)

The wonderfully talented egm takes us on a journey through Boston via simply superb photographs.

Mama Shady explores the world (and intrigues) of madmen.

Finally, some sex (yes, the sex that is alluded to in the title). Aco of MyWordsOnly fame tells us why no-strings-attached sex is the best kind of sex – otherwise, sex just isn’t as fun as it can and should be.

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  1. Life is not short when you have lived it to the fullest.

    Thanks for the mention. I loved reading your blog.

  2. Nice links! I will go check them out! I still stand by sex with no strings or rings attached!

  3. Thanks for the mention!

  4. Hey. Sorry for my late arrival – I couldn’t get to the internet for a whole 24 hours – scandalous!!
    @Shawn – I agree completely. Life should only be lived one way : it should be well lived.

    @Aco – my girlfriend says I’m(me) not into NSA so m I’m not. Talk about being whipped, eh?

    @egm I love your photos!!

  5. There a is a not so normal chick near where i leave. Was goes on my mind each time i see her i am sorry i have to laugh (not when she’s near)she wears to much make up and she does not givea a hoot what u think.FYI she speaks eloquently.About sex i wonder if ever she has any weather with strings or not.

  6. Becoz she’s not any sane man’s cup of tea.But story goes she had studied real hard upto Masters level then there were not jobs available hence kichwa kika ruka.

  7. Aaaai Kelvin some men can/will take anything in a skirt too…..

  8. Quoting Dr Chris Hart “Women tend to up their choice”

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