Predicting the Next Billionaires

Did you know that the pornography industry is so large that it is expected to decide the winner in the Blu-Ray Vs HD DVD war? (Just like it did in the Betamax Vs VHS war). Yes, porn is BIG – if you can get the porn industry to adopt your technology then you’re on your way to make billions. Easy peasy.

Recently, I featured on this blog’sCool Sites‘ section. I was very impressed at Ustream’s inherent power when I saw what Chris Pirillo did with it. Now, some bloggers (like Robert Scoble) are using ustream to lifecast, and the ongoing web 2.0 Expo is available to us all, live, and for free thanks to ustream. What else can you do with Ustream? Ever heard of porn sites offering porn of the live sex show and cam-girls(there’s even cam-guys, lol) flavor? Tell you what, if I was a porn-site webmaster, I’d be seriously considering moving over to Ustream. If I was in the Ustream administration, I would be actively trying to attract porn-site webmasters. I know that many people look down on porn but, surely, doesn’t it make too much sense from a business point of view to ignore and/or abhor? If Ustream doesn’t do it, someone sure will – that’s the nature of the Internet.

Porn aside, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to use your mobile phone as a web-cam? What about as a web-cam that you can stream to the whole Internet, for free? Currently, those using Ustream to live-cast need a conventional web-cam (usually attached to their head with tape or something) and a laptop. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bit cumbersome. The equipment needed for live-casting needs to get less cumbersome (read smaller). I expect that to happen and it will, naturally. What I’m hoping for is for someone to make live-casting possible from a mobile phone. Think about it. There’s a billion plus mobile phone users – a good number of these people can afford to get phones fitted with the right technology to live-cast. Let’s not even mention that the mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing industries, worldwide. If you can make live-casting possible from a phone then you’ve hit the jackpot, no doubt about it.

I predict that live-streaming technology will be extremely successful and will make a lot of people a lot of money. It’s the next big thing. What do you think? Leave a comment and you’ll get ‘paid’.

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