Meet My Cybertwin

If you don’t get a cybertwin now, you’ll hate yourself later.

Ever thought that you need to split yourself into two so that you can be in two places at one time? How about wishing you could stay online longer…like 24/7? In that case, it may be time for you to get a cybertwin.

Meet MyCybertwin, an early version of software that let’s people create and customize a virtual personality that can chat with others while they are offline. The software can be embedded on blogs, dating sites or social sites like myspace (or anywhere else, really, since it’s as easy as cutting and pasting code). The best thing about it: it can log in and impersonate you on msn (windows live instant messenger).

What can you do with this? Well, now you’re friends-that-don’t-sleep can talk to you as long as they want to. Seriously, though, webmasters and bloggers will want a cybertwin so that people can learn about them when they are away. Companies will want them so that they can learn more about customers without direct conversations. Or you can create a totally new you, different from everything you stand for in real life, like Mike Arrington(of TechCrunch) did here. (Read the full Story.)

Talk to my cybertwin here. (No there’s no evil version of Kayliz.)

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