Light-Weight Browsers

I have a rusty old laptop. It is old but it has served me so well over the years that I cannot bear the thought of losing it. Therefore, I still use it from time to time. The problem is, it cannot optimally run much of today’s software. That’s fine – I can do my work and homework on the PC – but what really gets to me is that my trusty rusty laptop does not run modern browsers, even Firefox, very well. It takes a whole 15 seconds just to start Firefox. Now this is a problem because whenever I’m on the laptop I’m looking mostly to kill time and nothing beats surfing the web at killing time. I wish there was a way to enjoy the net on my old laptop. Fortunately, there is.

“The only solution is to use browsers which don’t support all the Web standards, but are much faster and require less system resources. Such programs usually don’t serve CSS, JavaScript, or more complicated HTML elements. Nevertheless, they render most pages correctly and can be successfully used in everyday work. Of course, you can’t avoid situations in which you are forced to use Mozilla (or a similar browser).

Weak computing power isn’t the only factor in favor of lightweight browsers. Others include: individual preferences, the graphics environment being used (some of the mentioned browsers don’t need X), and operating system configuration. Lightweight Web browsers are useful and important.” (from site)

That’s a quote from Freshmeat where they review four light-weight browsers. Click here to read the rest of the review(with links to the browsers). If you just want the links to the browsers, here they are:

Happy downloading! (They’re all free.)

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