How to Make Money Online: Introduction

The internet is undoubtedly all the rage as far as money-making goes. There is lots of money to be made. Making money is a good thing, so we should all jump in and try our luck. However, before rushing in like a fool, it would be prudent to think about what one is getting himself into. How best can one do it? Is it for everyone? Is it worth it?

There exists a preconception about the internet that is, indeed, a misconception. The internet is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Making money online is just as hard(or easy) as it is offline. You have to work and work hard. Roll up your sleeves and prepare to get your hands dirty!

The fact that you are still reading this means that you are probably serious about making money online. Perhaps serious enough to take the next step: planning, extensive planning. How exactly are you going to make your money? Do you need a website? You need to do some research and find out how others are making it online.

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