Blogger Code of Conduct?

Tim Oreilly has come up with the draft Blogger Code of Conduct. I suspect this was due, to a certain extent, to the blogosphere turning nasty.

Blogging has certainly come a long way. From simple personal logs and diaries to serious money-making ventures, and a fierce competitor to the traditional media. But do we really need a code of conduct? I think that we do – we certainly cannot have death threats and whatnot. However, I think the Proposed Code of Conduct is a bit too much. No anonymity? Bloggers to take responsibility for comments? I think all bloggers should be all they can be, no limitations whatsoever.

I agree wholly with Jason Calcanis when he says, “The whole point of blogging is that it is free form, take no prisoners, and NOT constrained. Does that mean people should attack people and their ideas? Well, ummm…. if the idea is going to war under false pretense…ummm… YES!!! If the idea is to do covert marketing like PayPerPost… ummm… yeah!!! Blogs are about fighting for what you believe in!! That’s the point.” (Read More)

However, we should also be thoughtful and considerate, especially when viciously attacking other people or moderating our blog’s comments. Everyone should strive for a personal code of conduct: Do what you think is right and don’t forget your netiquette. Besides, going as far as making death threats is illegal and we don’t need a Code of conduct for that – we have the law.

What do you think of the Bloggers Code of Conduct?

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  1. I agree with Dave Taylor when he says:
    Giving up control over how I manage and interact with my community, for better or worse, is just not worth joining your club, however well intentioned.

    Plus that badge symbol screams “Police State!”.

  2. Thanks for the link. He put it really well and I agree with him completely. He is a really close look at the CoC.

  3. I completely reject that notion of a ‘code of conduct’. Why should a blog be thoughtful and considerate? Why should it be ‘nice’?

    If a blogger wants to be an absolute ass on his blog, LET HIM/HER BE!!!

  4. I agree with you completely: a blog is personal and a blogger has the right to do whatever he/she wants with it. Readers can leave if they don’t like it.

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