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Did you know that if you leave a comment on this blog, you’ll get something back in return? Today, I’m giving something back to:

Starprose is asking for testers to give feedback on StarProse Corporation’s new product: The Ultimate Lottery Suite.

Mama Shady tells a funny story, possibly of identity theft, in which her cash goes on a little vacation then comes back. She gets so angry that now she’s off to ‘brood, or think about bees and things and flowers.’ By the way, she also owns this dead-ish blog with a cool name (thumno). Yes, I can’t take waiting for you to do something with it anymore so I’m being…’proactive’.

Archer (aka mwanamishale) anabonga storo ya vile alienda kubanjuka kwa ma-club za Nai siku moja na vile alipewa mawuoiyess videadly. (Archer talks about his clubbing experience in Nairobi).

One of the leading stories over at Kenya Imagine is that of the Iranians taking British soldiers hostage. The post itself is very well written and insightful and makes one ask himself whether we’re getting the whole story…

Kirima has a very nice and well thought out tutorial on Ten Ways To Marry the Wrong Person. “With the divorce rate over 50%, too many are apparently making a serious mistake in deciding whom to spend the rest of their life with. To avoid becoming a “statistic,” try to internalize these 10 insights.”

Following this post, which mentions the death of Google Answers, Crabcakes – a former Google Answers Researcher points us here, where you may find other former Google Answers researchers. On her blog, she talks about how she prepares a layout and asks the question: Which came first, the photo or the layout?


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  1. How about writting 10 right reasons to marry the right person.If there is any right person.My two cents opinion there is no right person but only marry if you have similar likes,

    • This is where I disagree Bernice. I really honestly believe that there is a ‘right person’ to marry. There’s also a wrong person. You have to find him or her, as the case may be.

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