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Ask A Hacker. “Any and all technical questions answered by a real computer hacker. This is the kind of thing we can bill hundreds an hour for, but you get it for free. What a steal! Send your techincal question to mailto:// And don’t worry, we’re all white hats here. What, you don’t trust a random anonymous web site on the internet? Why not? If we wanted your intimate details, don’t you think we’d be offering you a free screen saver or something?” (From Site)
“The internet crosses national and legal boundaries world-wide. Your next door neighbor could hack a computer in China, use that to hack a computer in Nigeria, from there hack a computer in Russia, then take a trip through Saudi Arabia, go through Vietnam, Argentina, Norway, Egypt, Japan, Poland, and then from Poland finally strike at you.”

Obviously, if you need technical help, as a hacker. Why not?

Yahoo! Answers. You can pretty much get an answer on any question you want. It can also be used to some degree as a polling tool to get opinions on various subjects. Personally, I like to answer other people’s questions and it is kinda fun. I really like this site, you can get anything answered. Yes even your homework. The only problem is that the people who answer your questions are normal everyday people and hence the quality of the answers may not be all that you expect it to be. Still, its a really cool site from Yahoo! You won’t believe how addictive it is.

You may have noticed that today’s cool sites all focus on getting your questions answered. Why did I do that. Well, I want to tell you of an interesting way of using such sites. If you blog, you sometimes want to write a post but your creative juices just aren’t flowing as they usually do – to get them flowing again, just go to a site like Yahoo Answers, ask an open ended question and you’ll be surprised at what you uncover – this may also be a great way to carry out some basic research for your posts (you know, to get an idea of what people think of what you have in mind).

Too bad Google Answers is no longer in operation. Finally, you may want to check out the Coolest Toilet EVER!!

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  1. Crabcakes - a former Google Answers Researcher says:

    Google Answers may be dead, but us researchers are NOT! You can find many of us at

    We also have several active answer sites:



  2. Its great to know that Google Answers Researchers still exist. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Roger Browne says:


    More than three dozen of the former Google Answers Researchers are now answering questions at Uclue:

    And we’re having a whale of fun doing it too! One answers service may have been “retired”, but the spirit lives on.

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