Can you take the (web 2.0) Heat?

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In a nutshell, web 2.0 is: the golden rule giving rise to democracy, powered by AJAX. It’s got people talking and the moneymen are definitely listening in. Once again, the money is flowing into the internet. Yahoo bought flickr – which deals with online photo management; the seemingly ever acquiring Google bought youtube; and no one can forget the recent purchase of myspace.

What about you? Are you ready to go the web 2.0 way?

Now to bust some jargon:
Wiki – a piece of software that allows users to freely create web page content. Think wikipedia.

Folksonomy – internet based information retrieval methodology consisting of collaboratively generated, open ended labels that categorize content such as web pages, online photographs and web links. (Definition courtesy of wikipedia). Examples of folksonomies: digg, flickr and

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