17 Ways to Promote your Blog (Part 2)

1.Technical Techniques

2.Content- based techniques
These have to do with whatever you’re blogging about and how you deliver your content.

6. Not only should your blog’s name be catchy but so should all your articles titles. If in doubt, make big promises in your titles – it works! E.g. loose 2 kg in 2 weeks.

7.Quality is paramount. Whatever you write, write it well. Nobody wants to struggle reading poorly written material that may not make much sense.

8. Update your blog frequently. Trust me, it is quite a disappointment to keep on checking a blog for updates – you eventually give up on the blog. For novices, a few posts per week are okay. However, if blogging is anything but a hobby for you, you need to blog daily.

9. Planned blogging always beats random blogging. Think about what you want to tell your readers in a given amount of time (say a week), plan your posts, do some research and take your readers for the ride of their lives. It is true that failing to plan is planning to fail.

10.Keep in mind that most surfers aren’t ready to get into 1500 essay with huge intimidating paragraphs. Keep many of your pasts short, with short paragraphs.

11. I’m in no way a writing instructor, I know you know your stuff, but the following tips can make your blog more readable:

  • Occasionally write an article in which you attempt to teach your readers something i.e. a How-To .
  • Make a list e.g. ‘methods of promoting your blog’. Better yet, number your list e.g. ’17 ways to promote your blog’. Such types of posts are very reader friendly, to say the least.
  • Writing about technology is a definite crowd puller, especially if you display expertise.
    In fact, if you manage to convince your readers that you are an expert on anything, you have hit it big time. Now anyone looking for information on what you write about will come to you.
  • Another crowd puller is inspirational writing. I guess people love getting inspired. They will keep coming back for more.
  • Lastly, humour still works. Use it.

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