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There’s no doubt that USENET is the primary mode of discussion on the net (or, at least, it was). The problem, however, is that USENET is not part of the www. On the world wide web, discussions are mainly through web forums and mailing lists.

A web forum is a facility on the www for holding discussions. forums often evolve into close-knit virtual communities home to many heated debates, exchanges and even rivalry. getting involved on forum discussions is simple: simply find a forum you like and join it.
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Some cool forums:
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An electronic mailing list, a type of internet forum, is a special usage of email that allows for widespread distribution of information to many internet users. Basically, the discussion is held through email whereby you post to the forum by sending an email and receive replies or other users’ posts in your inbox.
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Active Mailing Lists that you can and should join.

As it is elsewhere, adherence to netiquette is required. For forums, special rules apply:
– Always read any established rules.
– Before starting a post, make sure it doesn’t already exist.
– follow rules of grammar.
– post in the correct section.
– Do not SHOUT.
– Stay on topic.
– Do not resurrect very old topics if you have nothing new to say.
– Do not participate in flame wars or pie-fights.
– And of course, keep the Ten Commandments of Netiquette in mind.

Some jargon:
Mailing List – a collection of names and adresses used by an individual or organisation to send material to multiple recipients.

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