Confessions, and the church of Google

The CHURCH of Google From Site: The Church Of Google believes a convincing argument can be made stating that the search engine Google is the closest mankind has ever come to experiencing an actual Deity. It is the ultimate bridge between people and information.

Online Confessions From They say that confesssion is good for the soul and having tried it on this interesting site, I must agree. Reading confessions by others is a little bit like being a priest, I guess. My purpose is to listen to (rather, read) the sins of others, and while fascinated, I feel a tiny bit dirty.

jux2 Meta search engine From A meta search engine allows you to enter keywords in the search box and your search is simultaneously sent to several search engines. Those search engines are queried and the results you get back are from each individual search engine’s database. A meta search engine does not have its own database and does not accept submissions. With the jux2 meta search engine you can compare the leading search engines and see the relevant results. You might be surprised to find that on average only 3.5 of the top ten search engine results are the same. Using jux2 ensures that you save time and get better search results.

Ten Minute Email
You can register and sign up for a free email account. you can send and receive email just as you can with any toher email service provider. However, your account will expire after ten minutes.

File-Swap An excellent method of killing time. Basically, upload any file to this site and you will get back a random file, for free. Its totally pointless but quite addictive. (You have no idea what random file you’ll get!)

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