Daktari Mtanzania … Now in The US of A

You remember those ads you see on the streets that go like: “Daktari Mtanzania anayetibu magonjwa 75…..?

Well, have a look at this:

I will cast a powerful SPELL to get you whatever you want for $5
Spell Caster, Master Shaman Crystal Indigo will perform an extremely powerful spiritual spell for ANY need that you desire. Want to find your true soul mate? Want an ex- lover back? Need more money? Want to lose weight fast? Do you have a serious problem that needs fixing?The spell I cast will quickly and dramatically change your life!

YES, now you can get services za “Daktari” online, for $5…

Link: I will cast a powerful SPELL to get you whatever you want for $5

What do you think?

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  1. wakelina says:

    I don’t know if this ‘blondey’ person from the link is leaving herself comments??? A bit weird that she has all these happy clients….lol

  2. my name is kawat am 27yeas old am from Spain, I lost my boyfriend for another lady, and i was really confuse to the extent i don’t know what to do before i come across shanospelltemple@gmail .com which help me get him back, the most beautiful things in it is that it was not stressful and no asking off unnecessary question and it was very easy and save for me above all is cam. and my love now is more sweeter than the way it was before just because of the spell he caste on him. thanks DR Shano.you are powerful.

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