Disgruntled KQ Customers hit the FB wave!

I guess now with so much media at our finger tips, there are many avenues to communicate your customer service concerns, especially if there is no or slow response from a phone conversation. Companies in Nairobi should by now have realised that customers have many options out there, this is what promotes market competition.

I recently travelled to visit my brother in the states. I was pleasantly surprised not by the good service that most outlets give, but by the fact that customers:

  1. Know their rights because they are paying for a service
  2. Take reviews very seriously and give reviews of just about EVERYTHING
  3. Expect great service or a decent explanation with compensation of sorts

Each time we went out anywhere we first had to check out the reviews online. If the review of a restaurant were bad then chances were that the service and food was bad. More people there air their views and without a care they are brutally honest. There is freedom to express your self, something we have not taken to as Kenyans to that level.
Until………………… Facebook Group named BOYCOTT KQ!! BOYCOTT KENYA AIRWAYS!!

I kid you not, search for it on Facebook and read the comments. I’m a member of the group though i personally have nothing against KQ, they seriously need to address their clients’ complaints. This FB group has actually become a BIG deal. The group is run by a disgruntled Nairobian, a friend to thee. I am all for speaking your mind especially when you have been screwed more than once and it has had adverse effects on you in terms of time, money and psychological distress.

KQ soon enough got wind of the group. There are soo many people who have shared their messed up stories of bad experiences with the airline –overbooked, 3 to 11hr delays on local flights, the staff – it should be an eye opener. The group administrator was contacted by KQ legal, and politely asked to remove the group page, but it’s still up and running. It’s on the group wall. I mean how cheeky, getting legal to call to scare off the group.

Kenyans have a right to express disappointment thanks to our constitution. I mean there are always great things about a company and then there is always room for improvement, no company is perfect. KQ has invited the group admin to go for a meeting which is to happen soon. This will perhaps be a way for them to try convince her in person to get the group off FB? Just speculating.

We are finally headed in the right direction demanding better standards of service because we are paying. Imagine if this could be done to all those companies out there that have messed you up. There are options out there and dear KQ by the looks of things you have many many disgruntled disappointed customers, the question is, what are you going to do about it?

Naomi Kinyanjui is an aspiring entrepreneur, a Procurement Specialist by profession with a passion for life, writing and making a difference. Follow her on Procurement Mentality 101 blog where the talk is all about supply chain and procurement and maintaining professionalism in such a controversial field.

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  1. Great post.
    I like the points that people abroad:
    1.Know their rights because they are paying for a service
    2.Take reviews very seriously and give reviews of just about EVERYTHING
    3.Expect great service or a decent explanation with compensation of sorts
    There’s an iOS App called Oink. This is evident and expresses all these. I hope it gains popularity in Kenya and Africa at large.

    • Cheers @eGichomo its just that honestly we are abit too laxed when it comes to demanding service. I know some people who get bad service somewhere and they still go back there! We have options….

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