An Experiment in Kenyan Movies

Ok, let’s start from the beginning: do you even like Kenyan movies?

Up until yesterday, I did not like them. This was mostly because I knew next to nothing about them. Then my good friend came over and we watched some… they were pretty good!! Much much much better than I would have thought. In fact, I think they may be better than Nigerian movies. Who agrees? Have a look at the following trailer to get a taste of what I mean:

So anyway, after my friend had left and I was all alone at home, I felt like watching some more so I quickly thought I’d google and find where I can buy Kenyan movies online. Guess what? Not only could I not find a place to buy Kenyan movies online but I could actually not find any one site which focused on Kenyan movies. This is just sad, ama?

So, I decided to do something about it. I gave my friend (mentioned earlier) reigns over SpaceYangu to turn it into a Kenyan movies hub. Perhaps in the future we can actually also sell movies on there. What do you think of the site?

This is an experiment in what we can do with such a site. We’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Sawa?

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  1. SpaceYangu is a great idea! It should even have been honoured with a Kalasha award, Best Kenyan Movie Website!

  2. Loving the SpaceYangu site, its quite an interesting thing. I am surprised there is no one selling Kenyan movies online, i guess they never quite get marketed enough. You may have something good here! Also they are not aired on TV so we never even see them. The other thing is, not many people are ocnvinced they would be paying value for money but there will always be afew die hard fans who go out of their way to buy Kenyan movies. I think this is a gap that you have just filled?

  3. Love it ! I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve tried to find Kenyan movies online with no luck. This is great. I guess we have you friend to that ?? lol good work!

  4. deejay msalaba says:

    google NIMEKUNOKI JIRANI it’s the best kenyan movie ever
    thanks for including MISS MBOCH another of my productions
    NIME KUNOKI JIRANI is the latest and the best ever ,you can google it or search it on youtube.

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