New. Get Paid To Click! Easy Money!!

Come on, admit it. You’ve been tempted at leas once to sign up for one of these programs. Sindio? Easy money; just sit at home and click on some ads and BAM! You get paid. It cannot possibly get easier than that. Can it? Really, can it?

How much can one expect to earn? Let’s do the math, shall we?

Let us assume that you get paid $0.001 (which happens to be the usual amount) for every click you make. That is approximately Kshs 0.095 per click. Assuming you can click on one link every 30 seconds (as it happens, you are usually limited to one link every 30 seconds), this translates to about Kshs 11.4 every hour. Assuming that you work for 24 hours every day, for 30 days, that makes it approximately Kshs 8,200 per month.

So, that is Kshs 8,200 per month assuming you work for 24 hours every day for 30 days. Now subtract the cost of electricity, Internet and any other expenses you might have.

Sounds like a waste of time to me. You?

This post was inspired by a thread on SkunkWorks.

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  1. There should be software that can do this 🙂

  2. Kevin have you tried personally this paid to click site. Recommend some, I can be doing that at my free time…

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