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So recently we’ve been getting a whole lot of emails from people wanting us to “hook them up” with online jobs. The emails usually sound like they were written by very sincere very qualified people who just want to make money online.

It seems the question on every one of these people’s mind is “How exactly do you get an online job?”

The sad truth is that this is an area that is very much a target of scammers i.e. it is very easy to get cheated while trying to ‘find an online job’. Why is it so? Because most of the time the people looking for online jobs have little knowledge on how to go about it and most of them are too desperate to get an online job therefore they believe anything and quickly jump at the thought of joining up yet another juicy online program that promises easy riches.

What no one tells you is that working online is hard. Extremely hard. It is just as hard, if not harder, than working offline, or anywhere else. Look, no one is going to give you free money – sawa? So if you see someone promising easy overnight riches then you should be wary of two things:

  • That person is probably going to steal from you in some way
  • The ‘job’ is going to be nothing like he described it (if it exists) and certainly in no way easy

Now, this is not meant to scare you. Legitimate online jobs do exist. In fact, most of the people who write for Like Chapaa earn a significant portion of their money online.

The important thing is to be prepared to work incredibly hard. When you start working online, you will quickly realise that your competition is Indians, Pakistanis, people from Eastern Europe and people from many other countries in the hundreds. The people with jobs are far fewer than the people who want jobs so you will have to work that much harder to be seen and considered from amongst the crowd.

The fruits of your labour, however, are very sweet. I would argue that money made online ni tamu kushinda zote zingine!

We’re preapring some more articles on this topic due to public demand so stay tuned to Like Chapaa. In the meantime, have a look at these classics:

See you soon.

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  1. If someone is looking for an online job, they first need to know how to use online services to find that job. There are many sites that do this……

  2. True. I am freelance programmer and i will be more than happy to read and contribute to this article. But bottom of it all nothing gud comes the easy way. One has got to learn, plan and work smarter not actualy harder. I work at odesk

  3. Exactly. Nothing happens overnight
    No pain no gain buddy.
    That is a fact. Almost all successful online marketeers had their bad years.


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