Interesting Kenyan Sites #22

Zanaa – is the website of “a non-profit whose mission is to craft tools from within Africa to slay the giants of poverty”. I must say that the website is exceptionally well made – it is just beautiful! Kudos sana to the web developer! More of the same please.

Kenyan Gamer Supply – a site that sells Xbox Live, PSN and iTunes cards in Kenya. I think it is an interesting business but I feel that the website could have been better made…to me, it seems it needs more graphics and attention to detail, considering what the site is about.

Bluu Nile Hotel – this site looks like it was done in 1999. The creators definitely need to take a look at modern web design trends. Also, notice the site’s domain “”. This site does not exist on its own domain name but uses free web hosting from Surely in this day and age everyone should realise the importance of a unique domain name that your own, ama?

Source Code – I saw this site’s advert on Facebook. Considering that the site is under construction with over 250 days to go until it launches (according to them), is there any value in spending money on Facebook right now? Not to mention the fact that their demo page is…undone

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  1. Kenyan gamer is basic……tooo basic for a gaming site. Zanaa looks pretty good

  2. Thanks alot. I have not heard about those sites. Thanks for information.

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