The Secret to Making Money Online

Over the years, I’ve heard many business ideas that revolve around making money online from my friends, family, and even complete strangers. Many, many of the ideas usually go like this: “I will start a website and put adverts on it and many people will visit it and every time they visit I will make money. I’ll be rich.”

The sad truth is that many people feel that making money online is just easy. Unfortunately, many of these people come to realise that this is not the case the hard way: they lose money while trying to implement their “killer” ideas.

If you are looking to make money online by launching some type of online business, especially a website, then you have to have a very good plan on how, exactly, you shall grow this website to the point where it is making you rich. How do you grow your website to profitability? Normally, this means that you have to grow the number of people who visit your website to be so many that you make your required amounts of money. Do you have any idea how you would do this?

Let’s take an example: do you remember the last time you went into a cyber cafe in town? On average, you went online to do a very specific thing: you logged in, checked your email, checked some other sites, and then quickly left. What I am trying to say is that people are busy; people already have websites that they visit on a daily basis. When you launch a new website, you have to convince people to visit your website instead of those others that they already visit. To put it bluntly: why should I visit your website instead of Facebook, Twitter, LikeChapaa or any other?

  • why should people visit your website?
  • what will people do on your website?
  • how will you grow the number of people who visit your website?
  • how, exactly, will you get to make money from people who visit your website?
  • If you can satisfy yourself with your answers to the above questions: indeed, if you can actually translate your answers into your business plan/strategy then you can definitely make money online.

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    1. There is no secret – Keyword rich content in niche market !!

      To get more visitor => Content is king !! Write good content, don’t update much, make sure web is optimized (fill title and alt) and let the Google juice spread…

      To get rich => The hard work of getting publisher for targeted keywords

    2. Jaffar Mohamed says:

      This will always remain an elusive venture in Kenya for some time, because the right skills and innovation is missing. There is still a strong belief that making money online is about articles, blogs and Adsense, you can even see this from some comments here. Real money is not in articles and blogs, it is in innovative niche websites, apps and “frontier” ideas. If you look at all the successful online businesses their worry is never about keyword, titles and alt tags and ranking. Their model is an app, or a niche website that is not only useful but appeals to modern needs in the tech, business or social world. This are minor issues, infact a CMS like wordpress takes care of some of this issues (alt, titles etc) without much hassle.

      If you are going to build a very good website about mchongoano or bedsitters in Westlands and have it number 1 on Google then boy you have a long way before you make real money online.

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