Making Enough Money?

I used to wake up every day and hate going to work. I had to wake up hours before I started work in order to get the kids ready for school, get myself groomed and breakfasted and ready for my lengthy commute – a commute that took me to a place that I didn’t want to be. I realize though that this is not only my reality, it is the way many people live their lives, and I’m so glad that I took the initiative to change mine.
Like most people, I keep a budget at home and for the first time I am able to stick with it comfortably. Now, as long as I make Ksh 50,000/-, I can do what I want without feeling like I’m skimping on anything. These are my monthly expenses that I am able to reach each month. In fact, when I have met this quota, I can rest easy and relax.

So, after I make the 50,000 goal that I set for myself for the month, then I know that everything I make after that is going to savings, a new toy, a vacation, or what have you. I can take it easy, knowing that I do not have to actually be anywhere for the next how ever many days area left in the month.

Sure, I don’t just sit back on my haunches counting my money after I have made my quota, or met my goal. I answer a few emails, I prepare for the next month. I think about the future of the business, and so on. But, I know that I don’t have to be anywhere, and that frees my time up to do the things that I actually want to be doing in my life; spending time with the kids, recreational activities, working on the house, gardening, and so on.

But you will find, as I do, that once you have met that quota, you actually want to keep working and making more and more money to save for that rainy day. The difference is that you don’t have to; it isn’t an obligation, it’s a choice, and that is the kind of freedom that few have, and most want. This freedom will inspire you to make changes in your business, make it better, more efficient, in short—more enjoyable. It is a very different experience altogether to be able to choose whether or not you want to invest more in your business, and yourself than simply waking up every day to go to a job each day that will make you just enough to meet your monthly expenses.

I find that most months, I keep working once I have met my goal. However, having that choice makes all the difference.

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