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Weird topic to be talking about here, eh?

Love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection. It is mostly used in regard to loving someone else. When you love someone greatly, much of your energy goes into making that person feel your love. You put hundreds of hours into these efforts. If you do not invest in your love, chances are that she/he will find someone else, who can do that.

A friend of mine started a new business the other day. It is an online business and so my friend does not spend the whole day working on it, he does not need to. He came to me for advice when he noticed that one of his sites was failing despite “frequent updates”. After some thought, I diagnosed his situation as being a case of a lack of sufficient love.

Managing a website is hard work. It goes beyond just regular updates. Managing a website is a popularity contest carried out among millions, yes millions, of websites. Why should I come to your tiny little site when I have akina Facebook to spend my time on? Your website may be the best in the world but I do not have time for it until I see that it would be valuable to me in some way.

Think of it this way: there may be an amazing and super interesting and motivating book available in a library. But if the library has thousands of other books, and this particular book happens to be in a top corner of some shelf, what are the chances that a great number of people will read it? Websites can be thought of in a similar way.

For the most part, in order to distinguish your website you have to love it. You have to spend hours thinking and working on it, trying and re-trying, testing and re-testing until you get something that people actually want to use.

I find that the best way to grow a site is not to try and target anyone – just target a small niche group of people who you think will relate to the sites content. Instead of making a site about farm animals, for example, maybe you could start with a site just about “white little piggies”. Niche-ing down this way has two benefits:

  1. It is probable that the smaller niche is closer to your heart than a more general one. You can therefore be more passionate.
  2. It is very easy for people to relate to your site. If your site was about farm animals in general and I was looking for one about “white little piggies” then I may overlook your generalized site.

If you aim to make money online through a website, be warned that it needs the kind of passion that can only come from Love.

I do not know why I chose to use “white little piggies” as my example.

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