Some Interesting Kenyan Sites

Like Chapaa PresentsJazzified – this a new blog dedicated to talking about Jazz music. It provides an interesting and eye-opening peep into the local jazz seen from the eyes of a dedicated fan. If you’re a jazz fan, you should visit and follow this blog.

Eat Out – is a beautifully made and executed website that showcases restaurants in Nairobi and Kenya. If you want to find a place to…eat out, then this is the site for you. The site is not only elegantly designed but it has been managed well and has virtually taken over its niche.

KenyaMoja – a nice website built in the image of popurls. If you find yourself with too many local websites to keep up with, then KenyaMoja is the place to go to – it lists news and opinion pieces from all the major Kenyan news sources and blogs. Would make for a good home page, if you ask me.

Like Chapaa Presents is a weekly showcase of interesting sites in Kenya.

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  1. These are really cool sites. I just wish they would add subscription buttons so it would be easy to follow.

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